Twitter moments reported that Alaska mom Jolene Jackinsky was waiting at an airport when she noticed the former president, who was immediately drawn to her baby.

Barack Obama can be seen posing and smiling with a baby he randomly saw in the airport. Not surprisingly, ABC News reported on the supposedly spontaneous photo and included a dramatic quote from the mother of the baby as their headline, that made it seem as though Jesus himself appeared at the airport in front of the baby’s mother: ” “Oh my God, it is Obama”: Alaska mom, baby meet ex-president

Liberals on Twitter were beside themselves with excitement over America’s worst President, Barack Obama.

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Not everyone was so impressed with the former president’s pose with the baby at the airport. Dinesh D’Souza appeared more concerned about the whereabouts of Barack Obama’s wedding ring than the ex-President’s photo with the baby. D’Souza’s tweet asks: What happened to the wedding ring he used to wear as POTUS? ????

D’Souza has a good point. Where is the ring? He didn’t seem to go anywhere without it when he was campaigning or when he was President. So why is the ring missing now?

Here are just a few examples of Obama holding babies while wearing his wedding ring:

Hmmm….interesting question Dinesh…Where is Barry’s ring?

Perhaps someone should ask his lovely wife…

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