Gwen Berry, an anti-American, anti-cop Black Lives Matter activist who likes to accuse America of being a racist nation, has some explaining to do.

Last week, social media blew up with images of Berry, an Olympic hammer thrower disrespecting America when she turned her back on the American flag during the playing of the national anthem as she stood on the 3rd place podium in Eugene, Oregon.

Daily Mail reports – Olympic hammer thrower Gwen Berry has defended her history of racially charged and offensive tweets and compared the controversy to the three-decades-old allegations that surfaced against Brett Kavanaugh during his Supreme Court nomination.

The 32-year-old took to Twitter Saturday afternoon after a series of derogatory comments she made about Chinese, Mexican and white people, as well as tasteless jokes about rape, came to light.

Some of the tweets appeared to mock people based on their race, with Berry writing in November 2012: ‘Mexicans just don’t care about ppl’.


In April 2011 she wrote: ‘Just saw this gurl wearing heels with white socks!! What the Hell..#chineseppl always try to start new trends..smh..ggguuurrrllll.’

‘This lil white boy being bad as hell!! I would smack his *** then stomp him!! Smh #whitepplKids hella disrespectful,’ she tweeted in Jun 2011.

 ‘White people are sooo retarded when they are drunk,’ Berry wrote in a tweet later that same year.

‘This lil white boy being bad as hell!! I would smack his ass then stomp him!! Smh #whitepplKids hella disrespectful,’ Berry wrote in a June 2011 tweet.

‘#BasketballWives is proof that white ppl run they got damn mouths too much n they nosey as hell n they start drama btw crazy blk b&^%^%’ she tweeted in July 2011.

‘Julie from #BGC gotta nice ass body for a white girl,’ Berry observed in October 2012.

In another tweet she seemed to mock victims of rape, writing in March 2012:  ’S/O to all the females that’s gon get drunk, get recked by 4 dudes, then cry **** this weekend’.

‘I’m about to rape my lunch,’ she wrote in a non-sensical tweet from October that year.

The offensive tweets dated back up to ten years, but were still visible on her account last weekend when she caused an uproar by snubbing the American national anthem during her Olympic qualifier.

‘Is that the best THEY could come up with?’ Berry tweeted Saturday, sharing a link to a New York Post article about her past comments.


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