Should the criminal history of  Roy Moore’s sexual assault accuser, Tina Johnson, be introduced as evidence of her credibility? How important is it for Alabama voters to know that the accuser of  Roy Moore, lost her 12-year old son to her mother in a “nasty” custody battle and that Roy Moore represented her mother in the case? Isn’t it plausible that Roy Moore’s sexual assault accuser, Tina Johnson, may have had an ax to grind with Moore, the person who succeeded in helping her own mother take her 12-year old son away, as he was able to successfully prove to the court that Johnson was “unfit” to care for him?

Court documents related to Tina Johnson, an Alabama woman who claims that Republican senatorial candidate Roy Moore groped her in his office decades ago, may raise questions about Johnson’s motives in making the accusation.

The documents, reviewed by Breitbart News, show that Moore represented Johnson’s mother in a nasty custody case for Johnson’s then 12-year-old son, Daniel Sitz. In the case, Johnson was repeatedly painted by Moore’s client as an unfit, absent, and unstable mother and was accused of taking her son from his elementary school against his will. Johnson’s mother was ultimately awarded custody in the case.

One affidavit signed by Johnson’s mother while she was represented by Moore accused Johnson of having a “violent nature” and noted that she “has been treated by a psychiatrist when she was approximately 15 years of age.” Johnson was a teenage mother.

Separate criminal documents show that, as late as 2010, Johnson was arrested and pled guilty to felony fraud charges related to checks belonging to a family member. She also entered a court drug program.

Speaking to, Johnson first went public with the claim that Moore groped her when she was “on legal business with her mother” in 1991. The website noted that “Johnson reached out to” to discuss her alleged experience with Moore.

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The website related that Johnson was “at the office to sign over custody of her 12-year-old son to her mother, with whom he’d been living.”

Johnson claimed that, after the two met with Moore, her mother walked out of the office door first and that, as Johnson was walking out, Moore grabbed her buttocks from behind. “He didn’t pinch it; he grabbed it,” she claims.

Watch, as Tina Johnson tells CNN’s Erin Burnett the “details” of her alleged sexual assault by Judge Roy Moore. It’s curious that a woman with Johnson’s background vs. the squeaky clean background of Judge Roy Moore would attempt to prove that her faith was stronger, or more somehow more relevant than Roy Moore’s faith. 

A document, signed by Moore, stated that Cofield — and not Johnson — was the “most fit and proper person” to have custody of Daniel Sitz.

Johnson’s son had resided with his grandmother, Cofield, since he was nine months old. Cofield says that, during those years, she provided Daniel with food, clothing, and shelter “without any assistance” from Johnson. A judge officially granted Cofield full custody on September 23, 1991.

Last week, Breitbart News interviewed Delbra Adams, Moore’s former longtime secretary and judicial assistant. Adams said that, in her 13 years of working for Moore, she never saw or experienced any inappropriate conduct toward women.

Adams worked for Moore in 1991 at the time of Johnson’s accusations. Adams’s desk was right outside his office door at the time. Adams’ name was signed as a notary on one of the custody documents filed in Johnson’s case on behalf of Johnson’s mother, Cofield.  –Breitbart News

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