In a series of tweets last week, Rep. Justin Amash (R-MI) joined forces with the Democrat Party to call for his impeachment. Amash tweeted : ” They say there were no underlying crimes.” and “In fact, there were many crimes revealed by the investigation, some of which were charged, and some of which were not but are nonetheless described in Mueller’s report.”

President Trump responded to Amash with a couple of tweets. In his tweets, Trump called out the “never-Trump” lawmaker over his gross misrepresentation of the truth, calling him a “total lightweight” and “loser.”

Never a fan of , a total lightweight who opposes me and some of our great Republican ideas and policies just for the sake of getting his name out there through controversy. If he actually read the biased Mueller Report, “composed” by 18 Angry Dems who hated Trump,….

….he would see that it was nevertheless strong on NO COLLUSION and, ultimately, NO OBSTRUCTION…Anyway, how do you Obstruct when there is no crime and, in fact, the crimes were committed by the other side? Justin is a loser who sadly plays right into our opponents hands!

U.S. Rep. Justin Amash, who has easily sailed through his previous elections without a challenge since 2010, just picked up a challenger for 2020. According to the Detroit Free Press MI State Rep. Jim Lower, R-Greenville, announced this morning that he would run for the 3rd Congressional District seat Amash has held since 2011 and would forgo a race for a third term in the state House.

Now, according to the Detroit News -The powerful DeVos family of West Michigan is ending its longtime support of U.S. Rep. Justin Amash, the libertarian Republican who has repeatedly clashed with President Donald Trump.

The family has not made any political contributions to Amash this cycle, and “they have no plans to do so,” said family spokesman Nick Wasmiller.

The GOP megadonors decided to cut ties with Amash before his latest dust-up with the president and assertion Trump engaged in “impeachable conduct,” Wasmiller told The Detroit News.

“Family members have expressed increasing concerns about a lack of representation for their district, the 3rd Congressional, and I would say an inability to advance efforts connected to important policy matters,” he said.

Recent comments by Amash “have not changed the family’s thinking regarding its intent to not provide future support,” Wasmiller added.

Amash on Wednesday declined to address the DeVos family’s decision or when he learned of it.

“I don’t have any reaction,” he said outside the U.S. Capitol after speaking to a school group from his West Michigan district.

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