Liz Harrington, a writer for the Washington Free Beacon  appeared on the Tucker Carlson Show to discuss the real cost of sex reassignment surgery for transgenders in the military. Harrington debunked the fake numbers the media’s been peddling to the American public about the cost of the sex assignment surgeries, in an effort to discredit President Trump’s decision to ban transgenders serving in the military. It turns out the media hasn’t been exactly honest about actual cost of allowing transgenders to serve in our military. The media’s been saying the costs are only a few million per year, but according to Harrington, the actual estimated cost is more like $1.3 billion to taxpayers over a 10 year period. Additionally, the military members who have these surgeries take an estimated 238 days off to recover.

As a side note, the $1.3 billion cost to taxpayers doesn’t even include the very costly hormone treatments that transgenders in the military will need following the costly surgeries.

The Washington Post has done their part to mislead the American public about the cost of transgenders serving in our military. They’re not interested in taking an honest look at the costs to the American taxpayer. For the media, this issue has nothing to do with the cost to American taxpayers or with our national security. It’s simple a matter of political correctness. And for The Washington Post, who Americans used to rely on for actual news, political correctness trumps truth every time.

The Washington Post published an article on July 26th titled that supposedly addressed the cost of transgenders in the military. Instead, the article was written and titled to reinforce a false narrative that our president is a “homophobe”, a “racist” and a “misogynist”.

Trump’s argument against transgender soldiers echoes one used against gays, women and blacks

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Here is a portion of their article:

Seemingly out of the blue on Wednesday morning, President Trump took to Twitter to announce that he would not allow “Transgender individuals to serve in any capacity in the U.S. Military.” The rationale? The military “cannot be burdened with the tremendous medical costs and disruption that transgender in the military would entail.”

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The question of costs — presumably referring to procedures like gender reassignment surgery — was addressed in a Rand report that estimated a 0.04- to 0.13-percent increase in military health-care expenditures should transgender people be allowed to serve. Trump has proposed a 10 percent bump in overall military spending, which could certainly absorb that increase.

Can anyone explain why members of Congress would vote to increase spending on our military that would then be used for sex reassignment surgery for transgenders serving in our military? What in the world does sex reassignment have to do with defending our nation?


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