It’s a shame Megyn Kelly believed she had launch an attack at then candidate Trump during his first debate in order to score points with the “feminist” crowd. She was the smart darling of conservatives until she crossed FOX News viewers with her embarrassing and relentless attacks on Donald Trump during his campaign. There aren’t too many conservatives who really care where she ends up, and there aren’t likely too many liberals who are going to willingly embrace her either…

Megyn Kelly is still under what is being described as a messy contract with Fox News.

While the cable news network is saying that Mrs. Kelly is free to do whatever she wants professionally, her official spokesperson is singing another tune.

This week, the Wall Street Journal, confirmed that despite the fact that Mrs. Kelly has signed with NBC in early January 2017, she is still tied to the right-learning network.

After a decade with the Fox News Channel, the former corporate defense attorney exited after declining a 20 million dollar contract.

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The journalist and political commentator will be earning between $15 to $18 million on the Peacock Network and for her “triple role.”

According to top executives, Kelly will host her daytime program and in-depth Sunday night news show. She will appear on the network’s political and major news event coverage.

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The shows will start in the fall, but Kelly has not been taking part in hiring her team.

Moreover, there are no titles for her programs as yet, and NBC still has not been decided at what time she will go on.

Kelly’s spokeswoman, Leslee Dart, said she can not take these important decisions because “the terms of the termination are still being negotiated.”

Last week, AOL published a fascinating piece where they confirmed that Kelly is no friend of “TODAY” co-anchor Matt Lauer.
It was revealed that NBC is looking for an executive producer to lead Kelly’s show.

And one thing is sure, “Megyn doesn’t want a Lauer loyalist running her show. She wants a team she can trust, and that will have her back.” – Celebrity Insider

Matt Lauer doesn’t appear to have the star power required to keep viewers interested without a strong female side-kick, as it was announced by the New York Post a couple of weeks ago that a, ‘Panicked’ NBC asked Savannah Guthrie to come back early’. 

Savannah Guthrie cut her maternity leave short by four days, and sources say it’s because brass at “Today” were stressing over ratings.

“The show was in a free fall. She initially announced that she’d be returning on March 3, but they were in a panic . . . and called her back early,” an industry insider told Page Six.

Guthrie surprised Matt Lauer on-air last week, days after Lester Holt and Bryant Gumbel filled in as co-hosts.

“Their bro-show didn’t work. They needed Savannah to bail them out, so they rushed her from maternity leave. NBC claimed it was because of the influx of news, but the reality is that the show was down double-digits and they needed her,” the source said.


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