Antifa member, Paul ‘Luke’ Kuhn who was busted by Project Veritas undercover journalists plotting Butyric acid attacks to disrupt Trump’s inauguration party and subsequently arrested was spotted today at a DC protest today.

Was he violating his probation orders following his arrest?

Rebel Media’s Jack Posobiec was live on the scene in D.C. reporting at a protest when he was assaulted by Antifa. The Antifa supporter who physically assaulted Posobiec was immediately arrested. After reviewing the footage, Antifa member, Luke Kuhn was immediately recognized. (A face that creepy is impossible to forget).

VIDEO footage of assault where you can see Luke Kuhn clearly.

Note the woman who is pretending to be a “reporter” with a notebook in her hand who tells the police officer, “nothing happened” when he rushes across the street after clearly seeing what just happened. Another friend of the violent leftist who sucker punched Jack Posobiec tells the police officer, “It was self-defense.”

Lying, violent liberals wearing their little sister’s bike helmets and masks. God help us if we ever need these “men” to actually defend our nation…

Here’s a Twitter user telling the “reporter” Lacy MacAuley to “lawyer up” after she lied to the police officer telling him, “nothing happened” after Posobiec got sucker-punched on camera:

Here is her arrogant response. Clearly she’s living in the past  (when Obama still reigned supreme, and when criminals had the upper hand over law enforcement). You’re living in Trump’s world now Lacy. You may want to lawyer up.

Let’s hope this loser who threatened an acid attack on Trump supporters joins his little lying friends behind bars:

h/t Gateway Pundit

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