London’s Muslim Mayor has been pretending that ISLAM has nothing to do with the terror attacks that have gripped innocent citizens in the city of London the city that he was elected to represent. He wasn’t elected to sugar-coat the obvious problem London has with Muslim extremism. He was hired to represent all citizens of London of every race and faith. So far, he has failed to make citizens of London feel any safer under his watch. In fact, his trashing of President Trump over his desire to take the appropriate measures to ensure the safety of American citizens is clearly not resonating with his constituents.

Here’s an example of a tweet where Mayor Sadiq Khan attempted to trash President Trump on May 10, 2017:  

Following the second brutal attack during the month of Ramadan, London’s Muslim Mayor talked about how angry he was that the “cowardly terrorists” attacked London citizens. Not once during his interview did Mayor Sadiq Khan mention the fact that the attackers screamed “Allah Akbar” and that they are MUSLIMS.


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Here’s how President Trump responded to the London Islamic terror attack:

It shouldn’t surprise anyone that Londoners are wishing they had a strong leader like President Trump, who’s willing to stand up and say things that may be unpopular with the politically correct left, but nevertheless, need to be said.  President Trump has never been afraid to identify and speak out against the ISLAMIC extremist terrorists and has openly admitted that he is committed to doing whatever is necessary to keep our homeland safe.

Watch Londoners yell, “We love you, Donald Trump!”:

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