Michelle Obama said she was “heartbroken” in response to the Supreme Courts’ decision to strike down Affirmative Action.

The justices voted 6-3 to eliminate affirmative action making it unlawful for colleges to consider race in their decision process on which applicants to accept. The high court ruled that Affirmative Action is a violation of the 14th Amendment.

In response to the ruling, Michelle Obama put out a statement saying, “I wanted to share some of my thoughts on today’s Supreme Court decision on affirmative action.” She said she wondered if people thought she had been accepted into college due to affirmative action instead of merit. It would seem that Michelle’s own experience with insecurity would cause her to rethink Affirmative Action. She shared that Affirmative Action hung over her like a shadow, causing her to wonder if people believed she earned her spot at her college or not,

“Back in college, I was one of the few Black students on my campus, and I was proud of getting into such a respected school. I knew I’d worked hard for it.

“But still, I sometimes wondered if people thought I got there because of affirmative action. It was a shadow that students like me couldn’t shake, whether those doubts came from outside or inside our own minds. But the fact is this: I belonged. And semester after semester, decade after decade, for more than half a century, countless students like me showed they belonged, too.”

The case against Affirmative Action was brought by a group called  Students for Fair Admissions. Calvin Yang, a group member, celebrated the decision saying it brings equality for all. He went on to say the ruling represents a new beginning for Asian- Americans, “started a new chapter in the saga of  the history of Asian-Americans in this country. It marks the promise of a new beginning, a resurgence of the principles of the American dream. And a return to the egalitarian principles for all, in this shining city on a hill.”


Michelle concluded her statement in a call for enacting policies that “reflect our values of equity and fairness.” Affirmative Action has been anything but fair for all Americans, putting Asian Americans and other races at a disadvantage. It is inherently racist and conveys the message that certain races are not able to compete on equal footing, so they must be given an advantage over their peers. Not an earned advantage but rather an advantage based solely on skin color. She said she is saddened by the justices voting to enact change, “So today, my heart breaks for any young person out there who’s wondering what their future holds — and what kinds of chances will be open to them.”

And while Michelle prattled on about understanding what it is like to be disadvantaged and oppressed, she allegedly wrote her statement from the comfort of a private yacht while on vacation in Greece.

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