The Orange County, California Sheriff was threatened by California Attorney General Xavier Becerra after she began publishing a ‘who’s in jail’ database to help cooperation with ICE. Please see the interview with the undersheriff below.

The sheriff gives shocking examples of some of the criminal illegals. She says she doing something well within the law that allows ICE to pick up the criminals. Tucker said this is within her job description.

The sheriff says she would be very surprised if AG Becerra arrests her since she’s within the law to do what she’s doing. She is outraged that the new law in California says you cannot communicate with federal partners regarding illegals. She says, “it’s ludicrous”.

The Orange County undersheriff Don Barnes also spoke out on Hannity  about his defiance of sanctuary city law:

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Becerra should be the one jailed!

Tucker Carlson has the best take on what’s going on in California:

His commentary below describes in detail what would happen if every state disregards federal law. It’s a big deal!

How does this help legal American citizens? It doesn’t!

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