An X-rated health class assignment given to high school students has left parents disturbed and demanding change in the curriculum.

Students at Churchill High School in Eugene, Oregon, were repeatedly put in uncomfortable positions during health class after the teacher had them engage in sexually explicit assignments.

For one of these assignments, students who had missed class earlier in the month were instructed by their teacher, who is also a football coach, to write out a “sexual fantasy” featuring items such as feathers and massage oils.

The assignment prompt, which was posted to Facebook by a disturbed parent, instructed the students to write a “fantasy story” with “NO penetration of any kind or oral sex” in order to “show that you can show and receive loving physical affection without having sex.”

The prompt continued, “You will choose 3 items (romantic music, candles, massage oil, feather, feather boa, flavored syrup, etc.) to use in the story.”

In response to the parent’s Facebook post, hundreds of parents expressed their shock and disgust. One woman wrote, “If an adult male asked my daughter to share her sexual fantasies with him, I would be livid and be going to the police. No teacher has any business asking this of a child.”

It is unclear exactly why this assignment was considered a tool to teach kids that they can show affection without having sex. Instead, it seems like a perverted assignment with no true purpose other than to create sexual fantasies for the teacher to read.

Another shockingly inappropriate assignment also took place during the same class. In February, students were required to play a game called “With Whom Would You Do It?”

To play the game, students had to spin a wheel labeled with sexual acts, including anal penetration and oral sex. This wheel was projected in front of the entire classroom and, when the wheel stopped on a sexual act, the students had to mark the initials of both a male and female student with whom they would want to perform the act.

Justin McCall, whose daughter was present in the classroom for this activity, reported that she was “very uncomfortable” and ultimately opted out of the activity.

Both of these explicit assignments are reportedly part of a health curriculum that the school board adopted in 2016. Following the backlash after parents discovered what their children were being instructed to do in class, the district agreed to drop the curriculum.

Churchill High School Principal Missy Cole sent out a letter to parents addressing the problematic curriculum.

“I am certain you are aware of concerns that have been raised around a health 2 – human sexuality, class assignment,” wrote Cole. “Our administration is working with the district office to review the 2016 adopted secondary healthy curriculum – OWL: Our Whole Lives to determine the full context of the assignment.”

“At this time, the assignment has been removed from the class syllabus and will not be a part of the students’ grades. The OWL curriculum is utilized by many districts across the state and is endorsed by the Oregon Department of Education,” she added.

Despite Cole claiming that the teacher was simply following the curriculum that was approved by the state and school board, a program manager for OWL, Melanie Davis, revealed that the district was using an “unauthorized” and outdated assignment.

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