Liberals in Oregon are working hard to dismantle the Second Amendment in their state by putting together a new initiative designed to ban “assault rifles,” and high capacity magazines.

The measure itself could end up having all sorts of implications for those who currently own firearms like the AR-15, requiring them to surrender their weapons and providing a gateway for progressives to start putting strict gun control laws on other guns.

The Statesman Journal is reporting:

A proposal to ban assault weapons and high-capacity magazines in Oregon has been submitted as a ballot initiative petition intended to prevent mass shootings.

Filed by an interfaith religious group in Portland, Initiative Petition 43 would also require legal gun owners to surrender or register their assault weapons or face felony charges, according to language released Tuesday.

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The group said it aims to get enough signatures to put the measure before voters in the November general election.

They’ll need 1,000 signatures to begin the ballot title drafting process and 88,000 signatures by July 6 to get the measure on the ballot, according to the Oregon Secretary of State website. The initiative could also face court challenges.

The proposal would outlaw any sale or possession of assault weapons in Oregon.

It defines “assault weapons” as any semiautomatic rifle that has the capacity to accept a detachable magazine, any feature like a folding or telescoping stock, and that can accept more than 10 rounds of ammunition.

Liberals often claim they aren’t trying to be “gun grabbers” but legislation like this being proposed clearly says the exact opposite.

Our Second Amendment was placed in the Bill of Rights for two very specific and distinct purposes. The first and most important being that the Founding Fathers believed we as American citizens needed to possess the proper instruments for defense of liberty against a tyrannical government.

The other is so that we could protect our lives and property from those who desire to do us harm and take what we have worked for.

There is already a thriving black market for weapons in America, and banning guns is only going to make it grow larger and larger, while providing plenty of ample, defenseless targets for those evil psychopaths who have made up their minds to murder the innocent.

Banning guns will never change this reality. This is the lesson gun grabbers can’t seem to understand. Hopefully they won’t have to become victims themselves before it sinks in their heads.

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