The haunting words the day before his death will have you questioning so much about how the FBI handled the Oregon standoff.  In the video below, Robert ‘LaVoy’ Finicum speaks out about potential encounters with feds and asked a number of very important questions:

We heard his name as a member of a radical group causing trouble in the Oregon woods. Then we saw him on TV as just another talking head. Shortly thereafter we watched in horror as Mr. Finicum was shot dead walking through the snow, leaving his car during an altercation with law enforcement. Now we have a chance to watch and listen as Mr. Finicum explains his concerns about the activities of the FBI and other law enforcement officers as they rattle their sabers in the remote Eastern Oregon town.

After he was killed one crucial question remained. Was he pulling out a gun or not? Some insist he was, others say absolutely not, and the helicopter video is unclear.

Now however, a second question has reared it’s ugly head, the question asked first by Mr. Finicum,” What is going on? Why are they ramping up when we’re way out here?

We should have as much dialogue and openness is possible. Have you felt the change in the tone and tenor of the Feds out there? We certainly have. We use to walk up to them and talk with FBI agents in a friendly matter, unarmed and stuff but the tenor has change, they have become more hardened and when they step out of their vehicles now they’re stepping out with their their their rifles and they’re not willing to engage in just friendly dialogue.
“Then I’m assuming that you’re aware of all the extra vehicles that they’re bringing in, the increase in man power that they’re ramping up, and we’re saying, ‘why the rattling of the saber? Why when we’re so far away from anybody out here in the middle of nowhere, why are you ramping up? Why do you fly your planes over us nonstop and why do you have your drones, cause they’re droning us now, and they’re actually flying their photographer planes. They’re doing all the things that shows that they want to take some kinetic action against us.’”
The interviewer then asked: “Do you really feel like they’re ramping it up, that they’re gonna take some sort of, as you said, kinetic action?”
All their behaviour is in, like in the preparation of a campaign of some sort and whether it’s just a saber rattling to intimidate or where they actually mean it, we don’t know. All we know is what we see, so what you’re also seeing is the uptick in the saber-rattling from the feds because they do not want to let go of this, they do not intend on leaving here . . . and we do not intent giving it back to them.”

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