A testy Orrin Hatch calls out the unhinged lefties in the Senate who oppose Neil Gorsuch. An animated Sen. Orrin Hatch put CNN co-host John Berman in his place during a discussion on the nomination of Judge Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court, smacking down the claim of a double standard as “total B.S.”

Hatch was commenting on the Democratic Party’s obstruction of the nomination process.

Judge Napolitano explains what’s going on as only he can do – He does a great job!

“The Senate has a rule they can force the senate to raise the majority to 60…that’s called a filibuster.”
Napolitano goes on the explain that the Dems are furious because Obama’s pick for the court wasn’t given his day. They also obviously feel Gorsuch is too conservative. The hypocrisy of the Democrats and Chuck Schumer is exposed when a video of past approval for Gorsuch is shown. Schumer, Blumenthal and Nelson are voting no. Democrats who are up for reelection are voting yes.

Orrin Hatch on Democrats: “They’re politicizing this whole process. This is a guy who is a mainstream conservative, which they hate. They don’t like that. And of course, they are still upset about my other friend, Merrick Garland. But the Republicans had every right to delay that within a presidential election year.”

“I can’t go back in time and show you any case where in a presidential election year they allowed a Supreme Court justice to be nominated unless both sides agreed. And both sides didn’t agree.”

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