The Biden regime has shown a complete disregard for human rights and due process in the trials of January 6th defendants.  Last year, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) said that J6 detainees were being treated worse than terrorists are Guantanamo Bay.

Other J6 prisoners have been detained for months and have yet to see any evidence against them, or what specific crime they are even being accused of.

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Today, a story broke that January 6th defendant Guy Reffitt’s own son was induced by the FBI to collect evidence against him and testify against him in court.  The FBI reached out to him to be an informant against his own father, and his son, Jackson Reffitt, complied and recorded their private conversations as well as sending the FBI pictures of their home, including his father’s gun safe.  The Gateway Pundit Reports


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Only in Biden’s America would the FBI and DOJ use a man’s own teenage children to record and testify against him! 

Guy Reffitt, pictured in the courtroom drawing below, wept uncontrollably as he listened to his son Jackson Reffitt testify against him this past Friday.

As America and the rest of the world fixate on Ukraine and Putin in the East, the Biden Regime of the West conveniently and quietly started their first January 6th trail last week against an American Citizen.

Jackson, the son of the defendant, is the Department of Injustice’s key witness in the case they have built against his father.

According to Nicole Reffitt, the wife of Guy Reffitt and mother to Jackson Reffitt:

“Jackson recorded his family home for 8 days following his Dad’s return from DC, and many of the recordings were Jackson provoking his dad into debate, and out and out purposely provoking his dad…all at the behest of the FBI.”


Guy Reffitt did not enter the Capitol Building on January 6th, but is has still been held for months and had Orwellian tactics used against him by the FBI.

A day after Jackson moved out of his families house, he was given an interview by CNN where the now disgraced Chris Cuomo praised him for ‘saving democracy’.  You can read Guy’s wifes heartbreaking testimonial here.

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