On November 4th, the Biden Administration officially released their vaccine mandate which will require companies with 100 or more workers to either force their employees to get the Covid vaccine or get regularly tested.

Not too long ago, this mandate seemed like a work of fiction spread across the nation to scare workers into getting Covid vaccinations for fear of losing their jobs. This mandate threatens 84 million US workers with unemployment should they not comply.

Employers were already jumping the gun to implement vaccination requirements and regular Covid testing protocols before there was any official ground for them to stand on. However, as of today, the OSHA mandate has been released, and all workers have until January 4th before the mandate begins to take effect.

So, if this is a federal law… when were the votes cast? When was the public’s opinion taken into consideration? Well, none of these standard procedures occurred due to OSHA issuing an Emergency Temporary Standard to bypass going through the public and consequently violating the Administrative Procedure Act.

There does not appear to be much of a realistic basis on which the Biden Administration could force the US workforce into compliance, being as there were no votes cast nor any preexisting federal law.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis challenged OSHA at a press conference in Florida, saying “OSHA rule’s going down”, in reference to the federal contractor vaccine mandate that he is currently involved in a lawsuit over. DeSantis is fighting for people’s rights to “make informed decisions”, as well as fighting to keep the workforce from becoming any more depleted than it already is.

Gov. DeSantis

The Daily Wire has also taken up a lawsuit with the federal government, suing them over their lack of legal authority to impose this mandate. According to a press release, this mandate is unconstitutional because “the Constitution does not grant Congress — much less OSHA — the general police powers needed to mandate vaccination and virus testing as a condition of private employment, or to deputize employers to enforce that mandate on its behalf.”

To create further social pressure on employees to comply with this mandate, organizations are also being told that everyone who is fully vaccinated does not have to wear a mask, while those who are unvaccinated must continue to wear one.

There has been a strongly voiced call from the opposition to reject this mandate based on a lack of the federal government’s legal ability to enforce it throughout the nation. Republican Candidate for NY Congress, Liz Joy, voiced her dissent from the mandate announcement in a recent Tweet:




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