Democrat Georgia Senate candidate, Jon Ossoff’s production company produced a two-part ‘documenary’ report on behalf of Al Jazeera in 2015 that “praised China’s growing power and influence in Africa.”  The beginning of the propaganda film describes negative descriptions of some old colonial practices in Africa while going on at length about the greatness and power of China in Africa.  It doesn’t seem to concern itself with any of China’s human rights abuses or slave-labor working conditions, or the negative consequences for permanently indebting an entire continent to an authoritarian communist regime in return for some nice new roads and some nice new oligarchs.

But the pro-Communist Chinese Party (CCP) documentary is just a symptom of the anti-American infection in Ossoff’s soul.  Ossoff’s production company isn’t just making one pro-China documenary; it has “ties to the CCP through a state-backed media enterprise” and its CEO, Jon Ossoff is fully “compromised by the Chinese Communist Party.”

Senater David Perdue (R-GA), who is running against Ossoff in the Georgia Runoff election on January 5th, compared Ossoff to Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) and to Hunter Biden, the son of President-elect Joe Biden, who have both been linked to deep ties with CCP and foreign interests in numerous reports.  Perdue said that “Ossoff went into business with CCP-connected companies and then covered it up by not disclosing the relationship in financial disclosure forms.”  Perdue also said Ossoff committed a federal crime by failing to do so, which is requirement for candidates:

“He knowingly worked for the Chinese Communist Party for two years. He hid it from the primary voters in Georgia this year. He did not disclose it. He got caught. Then he finally disclosed it, and that’s a federal crime to not disclose it, by the way. He finally amended his filing and got caught again, then lied about it again.”

Perdue goes on to state about Ossoff:

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“He lied in a debate when I asked him if he worked for that company, PCCW, which is owned indirectly by the Chinese Communist Party. They are the propaganda arm that fights against the freedom fighters in Hong Kong specifically. This is an ongoing thing. I’m not sure he can even get an intelligence clearance now as a U.S. Senator if he were elected. Frankly, it’s the same thing Eric Swalwell has to deal with. He is compromised. This is a scandal that is just beginning to now come out. We’ve been trying for months. Thank you guys for bringing it up. He’s got a real China problem for sure.”

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“As a matter of fact, Jon Ossoff actually tweeted out in support of Xinhua, which is one of their propaganda arms supporting some of the things they were saying about the Uyghurs and the freedom fighters in Hong Kong. This is something that is very serious…The other is just a very subtle long-term drip, drip, drip of desensitizing Americans to a socialist agenda. You see that right now in the Democratic offering. This didn’t just happen. They’ve been working on this for some time, and there are a lot of people who think socialism might not be all that bad. I can tell you, people are not trying to break into Venezuela or Cuba right now. Socialism has failed every time it has been tried, and yet the Chinese Communist Party has a long-term strategy to be a global hegemony. They want to be the rule maker, they want to be the reserve currency, and they want to be the dominant player in the world politically, militarily, socially, and economically.””


According to Perdue, Ossoff also lied about his experience and security credentials:

He did not have five years of Intel experience. He was a staff guy right out of school at 25 in a House member’s office.”


Perdue then goes on to discuss Perdue’s media company which was purchased for him by his father whose main client has been Al Jazeera:

“He also, his dad bought a small business for him when he was right out of school so for the last nine years or so he’s had this documentary journalism business which is fine, but his biggest client over the last nine years has been Al Jazeera.


What is the takeaway from all of this about Ossoff?

“He’s been compromised by the Chinese Communist Party, and continues to lie about his background and my background as far as that goes.”

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