During testimony in front of the US Senate Judiciary Committee, Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall, who was asked to testify against the confirmation of Joe Biden’s SCOTUS nominee Ketanji Brown-Jackson, refused to identify Joe Biden as the “duly elected and lawfully serving” President of the United States.

An obviously frustrated Democrat Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (RI) confronted AG Marshall for refusing to identify Joe Biden as a legitimately elected president.

“Is Joesph R. Biden of Delaware a duly elected and lawfully serving President of the United States of America?” Sen. Whitehouse asked.

“He is the President of this country,” Marshall responded.

Sen. Whitehouse asked again, “Is he the duly elected and lawfully serving president of the United States?”

Again, the AL AG responded, “He is the president of our country.”

A frustrated Senator Whitehouse asked, “Are you answering that, omitting the language ‘duly elected and lawfully serving’ purposefully?”

“I’m answering the question; he is the President of the United States,” Marshall said.

“And you have no view if he was duly elected or lawfully serving?” Whitehouse asked.

Finally, AG Marshall, who was standing firm on his response, told the Democrat Senator, “I’m telling you, he’s the President of the United States.”



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