Make no mistake … Beyonce is trying to call attention to her upcoming collaboration with athletic wear company Adidas by exposing her backside.

She went barely there with the promotion of her Ivy Park Adidas line scheduled to be released on Saturday. The confusing ad shows Beyonce showing off her nearly naked backside with an Adidas sneaker hanging on her shoulder. She’s wearing red socks that look like athletic socks attached to a stiletto heel. Confusing…

TMZ published the promotional photos, and comments were overwhelmingly negative about the photo. Some said she should be in athletic gear and that she looked miserable in the photo. Others commented on the heel she was wearing. Most comments were about her backside and how it looks anything but athletic:

-I am just wondering why Beyonce chose this type of picture to advertise sneakers. She is supposed to be so much into women empowerment; I remember the time when she insisted on all-female band members. Why not just show a picture of her exercising or jogging while wearing these shoes?

-Dumb pictures to advertise shoes… for me, its more of a reason to not buy. Can’t wait for the time where we don’t need skin to advertise cheap junk for major profit. The product should sell itself.

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-She wishes she were still early 2008-9 Beyonce

-EEEEEWWWWW lard in the can LOL

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-Looks like they kidnapped her and forced her to take pics.

-YA! she really looks miserable! lol


The second photo is of Beyonce from the back with braids covering most of her backside:

Beyonce’s really going overboard trying for sex appeal, but the people aren’t buying it.

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