Mini-Mike Bloomberg has faced severe criticism from the black community after damning unearthed audiotapes appeared on social media of the former New York mayor explaining his failed stop and frisk policy, which he admits was aimed at black youth in New York City.

The Trump campaign seized the opportunity to share how Democrat presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg really feels about young black males with this audio Brad Parscale, Trump’s campaign manager shared on Twitter:

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The Trump War Room tweeted this audio of the former Mayor Bloomberg defending his “stop and frisk” policy, saying whites are disproportionately stopped by New York Police officers while minorities are stopped too little.

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Earlier today, “Mini-Mike” Bloomberg reaped what he sowed when he received a chilly reception at the Brown Chapel AME Church in Selma, AL after pastor Reverend Leodis Strong announced to the congregation in his introduction of the billionaire businessman that he had initially turned down the invitation to speak.

From the Daily Mail– The billionaire took the stage and said that, after campaigning in dozens of cities, ‘I have tried to listen and I have tried to learn’.

‘I didn’t agree with everything I heard, but I certainly gave people the opportunity to change my mind,’ he added.

The former New York mayor then went into a speech focused on injustices faced by the black community and his policies to address racial inequality. But near the end of his speech about 10 people stood up and turned their backs on him.


Bloomberg has faced sharp criticism from his opponents and some activists over his use of stop-and-frisk policing tactics while mayor, as well as his racially charged comments justifying the practice.

He launched his campaign with an apology for his use of stop-and-frisk and has released a handful of policies aimed at eliminating the racial wealth gap and reforming the criminal justice system.

Bloomberg has not competed in any of the early primary states and has yet to prove his appeal among black voters. He will be on the ballot for the first time on Tuesday.

The quiet protest suggests the businessman has an uphill climb with some African-American voters, who have supported Joe Biden in large numbers and carried him to a resounding victory in South Carolina.

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