It’s hard to shame someone when they have no shame…

If you live in Virginia and you haven’t voted for Ed Gillespie (R) for Governor yet, this ad, and the DNC Chair’s unapologetic tone for its disgusting content will make you want to run to the polls before they close. Hopefully, this ad will be the push Ed Gillespie needed to get him across the finish line in Virginia.

While most condemned the Latino Victory Fund ad that ran during the closing days of Virginia’s gubernatorial race, which showed a supporter of Republican candidate Ed Gillespie driving a pick-up truck and running down Hispanic, Muslim, black, and Asians kids, Democratic National Committee Chair Tom Perez seemed to be fine with it. It also appears that the Democratic candidate, Ralph Northam, coordinated with LVF to push that ad; LVF listed the ad as a $60,000+ in-kind media contribution. There’s nothing wrong with that, but Northam said this ad was totally outside his campaign operation. Not true.

Speaking with Meet the Press’s Chuck Todd, Perez said that there’s been a lot of dog whistling in this race and that Northam was trying to unite people. Right—so, you do that by apparently coordinating with the LVF to push an ad that says white people are all racists, drive pickup trucks, love the Confederacy, and just cannot wait to run over nonwhites in the street? The Roanoke Times, which isn’t a Republican-friendly paper, aptly noted that what this ad conveys is that Republicans are bad people, and if you support them—you’re a bad person. It portrays white rural voters as genocidal, and while they offer Hillary Clinton some cover—they say her remarks were misinterpreted—the LVF ad conveys a “deplorable”-like tone. – Townhall

The NBC Meet The Press host, Chuck Todd commits a courageous and unexpected act of journalism, when he asks the unapologetic DNC Chair Tom Perez: “Aren’t you stereotyping? I drive a pickup truck. Are all pickup truck drivers racist? Do you understand why some people think the ad implies that?”

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Watch the exchange here:



Here is the disgusting ad that has since been pulled off the air in its entirety:


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