After 78 days without a single press conference, Joe Biden finally responded to a room full of reporters hungry for answers on several topics.

Unlike his predecessor President Trump, who took questions from the media almost every day,  Joe Biden is not used to standing behind a podium and taking questions from the softball media.

CNN, of all networks, didn’t have a lot of good things to say about Joe’s performance.

Barack Obama’s former chief advisor David Axelrod wasn’t very pleased with Joe, and he shocked the miserable cast of CNN characters with his observations.

“We’re in a country where 28% of Americans feel we’re on the right track. And I’ve said it many times; you can not jawbone people into feeling good. He says he wants to go out and talk to people and make the case, but really what I think what would have landed better with people is that he wants to get out and talk to people about what’s going on in their lives and respond to them rather than make the case about what he’s doing.  So, I didn’t think it was very impressive—I’d probably go back to the drawing board,” Axelrod told the CNN panel.

CNN’s Jake Tapper began the segment with the Democrat cast of hosts, “I’m not sure his staff is exactly excited about all the news he made.”  CNN’s John King responded, “Uh, no—there’s a lot to clean up.”

“There are questions about his stamina—if he wanted to prove that he can stand up there for two hours and take it—mission accomplished,” King said.

When CNN railed against the Democrat “president,” they fought so hard to get elected, you know things are really bad for their party.

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