If CPAC, the largest gathering of conservatives in America, is any indicator of Republican Nikki Haley’s chances of becoming the GOP choice for President, she is in a lot of trouble.

Before Nikki Haley’s speech today, she was walking through the hallway when a large group of conservatives attending CPAC can be heard chanting, “We love Trump!”

Here’s another video from another angle of Nikki Haley being heckled by Trump supporters shouting, “Trump, Trump, Trump!”

Videos of her speech at CPAC are surfacing on social media, and by the looks of it, you could shoot a cannon through the room where she spoke this afternoon.

CPAC played a glowing piece promoting the former S. Carolina governor to the very small crowd at CPAC. When it was time for Nikki Haley to address the mostly empty room, her speech fell flat with them. “When I launched my campaign, I said that every candidate over 75 yrs old should be required to take a mental competency test,” Haley said, as she paused for applause—but unfortunately for the floundering GOP presidential candidate, there was none.

Haley attempted to play the gender and race card during her speech, but apparently, she forgot she wasn’t speaking to a room full of Democrats.

Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin was asked what she thought about Nikki Haley running for president. Ms.Palin was quick to endorse President Trump, saying, “He’s gotta get back in there” and “pick up where he left off.” She told the reporter that Trump’s “policies'” and the “platform that he stood upon were right for America!”

A big part of Haley’s problems with conservatives stems from her quick condemnation of President Trump who she blamed for the “insurrection” on January 6.

Here’s a portion of the transcript from her interview with NBC’s Craig Melvin:

CRAIG MELVIN: After the insurrection, you said Trump, quote, “will be judged harshly by history. He went down a path he shouldn’t have, and we shouldn’t have followed him.” And then later that same year, you said, quote, “He has the ability to get strong people elected. We need him in the Republican Party.” Can both of those things be true?

NIKKI HALEY: Yes, except for the media, because the thing is…

CRAIG MELVIN: So he can be partially…

NIKKI HALEY: No. Let me finish…

CRAIG MELVIN: Responsible for…for the insurrection, but still be an essential part of the party.

NIKKI HALEY: I have said January 6 was a terrible day. I criticized him for that. And I stand by that criticism. I have said he was a good president in the way that he lifted up so many people economically, and he did real good in this country.

That can be true, too.

When I see something right, I praise it.

When I see something wrong, I criticize it.


Nikki Haley will be judged harshly in history for blaming President Trump for a fake “insurrection” that appears to have been led and orchestrated by the Deep State and Democrats.

Buh..bye, Nikki.

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