Senate and Congressional Democrats have been engaged in a protracted campaign against conservative supreme court justices over alleged breaches of ethics due to their relationships with wealthy benefactors.

The allegations are largely unfounded as most of the benefactors who conservative Supreme Court Justices are friends with have not had business before the Supreme Court and do not in the upcoming docket.

Senate Democrats and left-wing activist groups such as ProPublica have targeted Justice Clarence Thomas more than any other Justice due to his relationship with conservative billionaire Harlan Crow.

All nine Supreme Court Justices, including the three liberal justices, unanimously condemned Democrats efforts to impose more stringent ethics laws on them and investigate their private affairs, warning that it violated the separation of powers and constituted undue interference in to the Judicial Branch.

Senate Finance Committee Chairman Ron Wyden (D-Or.) has spearheaded the efforts by demanding that Crow provide a complete list of gifts he has given to Justice Thomas.

The demand would be a nearly unprecedented intrusion in to the affairs of a private citizen where no actual crime has been alleged.

Crow’s legal team responded to the letter and pulled no punches, alleging that Wyden’s demands were politically motivated and said that the inquiry was completely illegitimate and had no legal basis.

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His legal has not complied with any of the requests made by Wyden at this time.

The Epoch Times Reports

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Texas billionaire Harlan Crow refused to answer questions from a Democratic senator who is examining whether gifts such as luxury vacations that Crow gave his friend Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas violated U.S. tax law.

The relationship between Crow and Thomas has generated outrage on the left as well as calls for Thomas’s impeachment from Democratic lawmakers. The highly publicized outpouring of anger followed an April 6 article by ProPublica, a left-wing nonprofit funded in part by the preeminent Democratic Party donor, financier George Soros, through his Foundation to Promote Open Society, that disclosed the trips. Later, it was revealed that Crow purchased some real estate from the Thomas family and paid private school tuition for Thomas’s grand nephew.

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