Democrats are attempting to convince Americans of the need to keep our economy and schools shut down, despite many Americans who have already been vaccinated and the massive decline of COVID cases in the U.S.

Peter Doocy: How does the White House know that people are scared?

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Jen Psaki: People are fearful about getting sick; they are fearful about whether they’re gonna have the conditions to be healthy, whether they can send their kids to a child care center.

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Psaki refuses to concede that people are being paid more than they make working, so why should they go back to work? This has nothing to do with being scared and everything to do with Biden making it easy for people to stay home.

She pivots to try and blame the lack of people in the workforce for what she says is a need for a “livable working wage” when this has nothing to do with workers hanging home because they’re getting a paycheck for not working.

The evidence is clear. American workers are not incentivized to work because they are being paid NOT to work.


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