Who knew Biden is a tyrant? The author of a 2013 book revisits the first-hand experience of what Joe Biden is like to work for and it’s not a pretty picture. Basically, he’s described as a major ahole who’s pretty arrogant. Pick this book up for some good reading for political season or if you need one more reason to NOT vote for this tyrant.

As Vice President Joe Biden ponders whether or not to run for president in 2016, claims that he was a tyrant to those who worked for him, and even plagiarized speeches during his first presidential run, have been revisited.

In light of the news last week that the vice president himself leaked the story that his son Beau asked him to run for president before he died, George Packer, author of the 2013 book, “The Unwinding,” reexamined charges made in his book by former Biden staffer Jeff Connaughton in the New York Post, Sunday.

If you just worked your ass off for him for a few years, he ignored you, intimidated you, sometimes humiliated you, took no interest in your advancement, and never learned your name.

“Hey, Chief,” he’d say, or “How’s it going, Cap’n,” unless he was ticked at you, in which case he’d employ one of his favorite terms for male underlings: “dumb f–k.”


“Dumb f–k over here didn’t get me the briefing materials I needed.” It was both noun and adjective: “Is the event leader a Democrat or a Republican? Or are you too dumb f–k to know?”

In September of that year, Connaughton was on break heading to a college football game when he heard news reports that Biden had completely stolen a speech from British politician Neil Kinnock, going so far as to even steal his identity as a descendant of coal miners.

The problem for Biden was that the media went looking for other more cases plagiarism, and they found it, the Post reported.

They competed to dig up other Biden faults: lines lifted from Hubert Humphrey and Robert F. Kennedy; a badly footnoted law-school essay that resulted in a failing grade; exaggerated claims about his past.

Then an incident recorded by C-SPAN in a New Hampshire resident’s kitchen surfaced. Biden had agreed to wear a mike for an entire, unedited campaign event — a first in political history. He was brilliant for 89 of the 90 minutes, but he had spent his whole career saying too much, and just before the end, a voter asked him about his law-school grades. Biden snapped, “I think I probably have a much higher IQ than you do,” then made at least three false statements about his education while taking the guy’s head off.

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