Colin Kaepernick is known for his inflammatory comments on race relations in the United States.  After he couldn’t cut it in the NFL, he became a professional activist for Black Lives Matter.  In October, Netflix released a series narrated by Kaepernick discussing his life and his thoughts on race relations.

In the series, Kaepernick compares the NFL draft and training camps to slavery, saying “Before they put you on the field, teams poke, prod and examine you, searching for any defect that might affect your performance.”  He further goes on to say that “What they (the NFL) don’t want you to understand is that they are establishing a power dynamic”.  The scene then cuts to NFL players being likened to slaves as they are depicted in chains.

Joe Rogan had some choice words for Kaepernick after he made this ridiculous comparison, WATCH:

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“Imagine comparing that (NFL training camps) to slavery simply because they measure people’s physical performance” Rogan says.

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Kaepernick became a free agent in the NFL after consistently underperforming while playing for the San Francisco 49ers.  Perhaps this is why he targeted the NFL for holding players to high physical standards.  Among starting Quarterbacks, no one has been sacked more than Kaepernick over the last 14 years for Quarterbacks with at least 1,500 pass attempts.

After becoming a free agent, no team would sign Kaepernick, so he turned to being a professional race hustler as a career.  Kaepernick’s net worth stands at over $20 million after receiving millions of dollars for social justice activism.  He currently is partnered with “Know Your Rights Camp”,  an organization that promotes social justice causes.  He has also starred in Nike advertisements after failing out of the NFL.

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