OUCH! The account below from former colleagues of Joy Reid is pretty shocking. We knew Reid was pretty nasty because of old blog posts unearthed showing a side that’s brutally homophobic and just downright nasty. This woman has been a terror from long ago…Check out what her former colleagues had to say…

MSNBC’s Joy Reid was just described by former colleagues as an “evil woman” who created a “toxic” work environment, according to a report published Thursday.

Joy Reid is being characterized as toxic and unhealthy by former WPTS radio co-host Andre Eggelletion:

“It was a very unhealthy work environment because of her attitude. She attacked me on a constant basis while I was there. I was even once threatened with physical violence during a break with her,” he told Fox News.

Wow! Why has she not been charged with sexual harassment? Physical violence?

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WE reports:

Eggelletion and Reid hosted “Wake Up South Florida” together from 2006 to 2007. The two were said to have clashed. One incident, where she threatened him physically, had management considering firing Reid if she didn’t change her behavior and beg Eggelletion to stay on the show.

Eggelletion’s accounts were corroborated by Lee Michaels, the former national program director for Syndication One, the parent company of WTPS. He said he spoke to the general manager about how Reid’s behavior “just can’t be tolerated” and there was an effort to mediate the situation.

But the clashes continued, and Reid allegedly once told the general manager, “Y’all want me to be his friend. I don’t want to be his motherf—–g friend.”


“I do believe she’s not telling the truth about who that person was. Maybe she has changed, but back then, that was one evil woman,” he said. “She said she doesn’t know who that person is – I find it very hard to believe. Very hard to believe based on my experience with her. Based on her attitudes towards me to this day.”



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