OUCH! Fox Business host Lou Dobbs just called Rep. Trey Gowdy a “phony” and a “lame duck” during an interview Friday.

Lou began to discuss how Gowdy handled the House select committee investigation into the 2012 attack on the U.S. diplomatic compound in Benghazi, Libya and Hillary Clinton.

Dobbs let it rip:

“Think about it. He was in charge of Benghazi, he was in charge of various committees and investigations. But what did he do? Nothing. He’s never done anything!” 


WE reports:

“No indictments, no charges, no revelations, no — nothing has ever happened except he gets to have some terrific moments as I think he did with Hillary Clinton. Where after 11 hours he just let her talk endlessly and never laid a glove on her. It was an amazing performance,” he added, referring to Clinton’s testimony before the committee in October 2015.

Shillue interjected, saying, “Let’s be fair to him,” and noting that Gowdy had to deal with the Justice Department under former President Barack Obama.

“Excuse me, to be fair?” Dobbs quipped in response.

The exchange began with Shillue discussing how special counsel Robert Mueller, despite some doubts on the Republican side, may be “playing this straight,” and name-dropped Gowdy.


As some, like President Trump, have called the Russia investigation a “witch hunt,” Gowdy, a former federal prosecutor, has advocated for Mueller being able to do his job.

Gowdy was present Thursday when Justice Department and intelligence officials briefed members of Congress about the FBI informant, who was looking into Russian interference in the campaign and reportedly made contact with at leasts three Trump campaign officials whose ties to Russia had come under scrutiny.



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