Unlike Melania Trump, who’s yet to appear on the cover of a major fashion magazine since becoming America’s First Lady, Michelle Obama has always been given special treatment by the far-left media, who couldn’t put her face on enough magazine covers. When her “Becoming” documentary aired on Wednesday, it was probably expected that the media would praise it like the Israelites praised the golden calf in the book of Exodus.

Not so fast…

Lifezette reports – Former First Lady Michelle Obama was humiliated in front of the entire nation when her new Netflix documentary “Becoming” was panned by critics across the board.

Michelle undoubtedly thought the mainstream media would give her movie top-rate reviews, but this did not happen at all. Instead, the film was slammed as “bland,” “self-celebratory,” and “paper-thin.”

“Becoming” follows Michelle on her book tour to promote her memoir of the same name, and it features her pushing her liberal agenda on Americans from all walks of life. Critics, however, were not fans of the movie, with Time magazine saying that Michelle “deserves more than a worshipful gaze” that the documentary offers.

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The trailer for the documentary begins with Michelle Obama telling her viewers, “I am from the Southside of Chicago—that tells you as much about me as you need to know.” For many critics, it could’ve stopped there and saved Netflix customers a lot of wasted time.

In the trailer for “Becoming,” Michelle Obama promises viewers, “This is totally me for the first time.” Michelle’s promise with the critics, however, fell flat. Even the most liberal publications, that can’t get enough of the Obama’s, like the New York Times, wrote that Michelle’s “Becoming” documentary “is not the candid Michelle Obama film that people might have been waiting for.” Instead of using words like, “interesting” or “unexpected,” to describe her Netflix documentary, they used words like “stagy” and “routine.”

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TIME magazine, a publication that has always adored the Obama’s, gushed about Michelle and how much they love her but didn’t exactly have glowing reviews of the Netflix documentary: “The big problem with Becoming is that of all the people who don’t need a hagiography, Obama is pretty much tops on the list. Obama deserves so much more than the worshipful glassy gaze of this documentary; she’s so far beyond it that it can barely contain her.”

Indiewire’s Kate Erbland blasted “Becoming”:

‘Becoming’ Review: Michelle Obama Shines in Otherwise Bland, Authorized Documentary

Most of her interactions, she says, are “sanitized,” and the former First Lady can’t help but want to spend time in situations not entirely engineered for her comfort. Viewers of Hallgren’s first feature, a glossy behind-the-scenes look at Obama’s life after the White House (and on an emotional and occasionally draining tour across America), will likely walk away with the same desire.

At first, the movie comes across as something of a companion piece to Obama’s autobiography of the same name, the New York Times bestseller from which Hallgren’s film borrows its title, “Becoming” eventually collapses into oddly disjointed storytelling.



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