Things didn’t work out very well for Vince Foster when he disappointed Crooked Hillary. Does Tim Kaine know what he’s getting himself into? Maybe he should have a little sit down with Bill before this thing goes too far. I mean, we’re talking about a guy who refuses, when asked to identify as a male…

It took a while, but Democratic presidential nominee finally called running mate Tim Kaine – more than 12 hours after the end of the first vice presidential debate.


Clinton and Kaine spoke on the phone at 11:45 Wednesday morning, more than 12 hours and a full news cycle at the end of the contentious TV smackdown that Kaine had spent days preparing for.

Clinton also emailed Kaine about the performance, but it isn’t clear whether she reached out to her running mate Tuesday night, while the debate was the talk of commentators and the political class.

In case you missed it, here’s a little clip of Kaine’s horrible performance. He certainly didn’t do Queen Hillary any favors that night:

Clinton got asked how Kaine did as she boarded a plane en route to fundraisers in D.C. Wednesday. She flashed two thumbs up but didn’t say anything.
Clinton spokesman Nick Merrill, asked whey the two didn’t connect sooner on what was most likely Kaine’s most consequential night of the campaign, responded: ‘They emailed a bit and connected this morning.’

Clinton didn’t speak publicly about Kaine’s performance until after 6:00 pm on Wednesday, when she praised him.

‘Did anybody see Tim Kaine in the debate last night?’ Clinton asked at a Women for Hillary event at a Washington hotel, prompting the crowd to cheer.

‘I though Tim did a great job and every time he tried to push Mike Pence to defend what Donald Trump has said and done, Pence just bobbed and weaved and tried to get out of the way because after all, trying to defend Donald Trump is an impossible task,’ she said. – Daily Mail


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