Last night, President Trump took center stage in a town hall with Fox News hosts Martha MacCallum and Bret Baier. The Lincoln Memorial served as the backdrop for the town hall that took place at night, as the hosts and President Trump sat the recommended 6 feet apart from each other.

Fox News’ Steve Hilton, host of the Next Revolution, analyzed the Trump town hall with investigative journalist, Sara Carter, Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) and Fox News contributor Lisa Boothe.

Speaking to his panel of guests, Hilton praised President Trump for his transparency. Hilton used Trump’s response to Martha MacCallum as an example. MacCallum explained to Trump that Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer, who appeared on a Sunday morning show earlier in the day, is still criticizing his handling of the COVID19 pandemic in her state. Whitmer, who’s on Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden’s shortlist of VP candidates, appeared with CNN’s Jake Tapper, where she complained about still not being able to get the proper testing and equipment they need to fight COVID19 in her state.

An exasperated Trump responded to MacCallum, “Look, look—we had a phone call 5 days ago with the governors. I was on the call with Vice President Mike Pence, who’s done a great job,” adding, “He’s the head of the committee, of the task force.” Trump took a deep breath and continued, “Every governor there, we asked it, ‘What do you need?’ Not one governor needed anything. Now all of a sudden, you see her on the Sunday—I watched it—Well, we should get this, and we should get that. She oughta get back to running her state properly,” adding, “because she should’ve brought it up on the phone call.”

Hilton called Trump’s response, “classic Trump,” saying he loved it, adding “He’s just so direct—you don’t see that from other politicians.”

When Hilton asked Rep. Matt Gaetz to share his opinion on how President Trump handled the criticism by Democrat Governor Gretchen Whitmer, he laughed. Gaetz told the Fox News host, “Let’s just state the obvious here—the Governor of Michigan is auditioning to become the Vice President of the United States.” Gaetz added, “And so whether things are going well, or whether they’re going poorly, regarding the federal coordination—she exists to be a theatrical critic of the president, regardless of the support that’s being provided. And if she’s having problems with testing, maybe those are her challenges in execution and not the  federal government’s challenges.” Gaetz explained how under the leadership of Florida’s Governor Ron DeSantis, they are doing very well with the testing.”


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