Rasmussen just released a new poll, showing that support for President Trump with black Americans is up to 29%.

Only 8% of black Americans said they supported his presidency prior to the 2016 election.

Only 18 months into Trump’s presidency and black unemployment is already at a historic low. Black voters are starting to take notice of President Trump, as they’re beginning to see that he actually cares about giving them a chance to improve their communities, by helping them find more job opportunities, giving them tax cuts, and providing them with better education options.

Whether he’s fighting to bring lost manufacturing jobs back to America or to keep illegal aliens from taking jobs from the black community because they’re willing to be paid less, or under the table, President Trump has made a commitment to give all able-bodied Americans the opportunity to live the American dream without having to rely on the Democrat Party who only offers handouts for votes.

Yesterday, a group of black religious leaders came together for a meeting with President Trump, where they praised his leadership and commitment to the black community.

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Phillip Goudeaux of Calvary Christian Center on Del Paso Boulevard was among more than a dozen black religious leaders who sat down with Trump on Wednesday at a meeting that the White House said was organized to share ideas about prison reform and criminal justice.

At the event, the pastors widely praised Trump, with one participant calling him “the most pro-black president we’ve had in our lifetime,” according to a transcript of the meeting provided by the White House. Sacramento Bee

Today, Chicago residents took to the streets to demand the resignation of Democrat Mayor, and longtime Obama friend and political crony, Rahm Emanuel.

FOX News’ Gianno Caldwell took to the streets of Chicago to interview protestors. What he discovered, is not good news for crooked Chicago Mayor Rahm Emmanuel. Citizens of Chicago are fed up with high crime rates, while their do-nothing mayor is putting illegal aliens before the citizens of these crime-infested and deadly Chicago neighborhoods.


Meanwhile, Democrat Mayor Rahm Emanuel has another priority, getting ID’s for illegal aliens who live in the sanctuary city of Chicago. Does Rahm really care if illegal aliens have proper identification for purposes of driving, or is getting ID’s in the hands of voters for the upcoming 2018 midterm elections?

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