During the impeachment show trials today, Alexander Vindman was called out by Rep. Michael Turner (R-OH), for falsely stating that he was the “principal advisor to the President” and that he “coordinated US – Ukraine policy.” Vindman, who was clearly embarrassed for overstating his role at the NSC, quickly admitted that he “chose to ease back” on his evaluation of himself.

The Federalist’s Sean Davis tweeted about Vindman’s trumped-up role as the top advisor to President Trump on Ukraine.

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In his prepared statement provided to Congress, Vindman claimed to be the top adviser to the President of the United States on Ukraine policy. He was later forced to admit he’s never met Trump, never spoke to Trump, and has never advised him on anything.


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One of the most underestimated Republican members of the House Intelligence Committee, Rep. Michael Turner (OH), called out Alexander Vindman for wearing his uniform to the hearings, and for correcting Rep. Nunes for referring to him as, “Mr. Vinman,” insisting that he instead, refer to him as “Lt. Col. Vindman.” (See video below)

Rep. Turner also got Vindman to admit that he exaggerated his CV in a statement that he provided to Congress.

President Trump was asked about Alexander Vindman, following the Democrat Party’s impeachment show trials, he responded, “I don’t know him, I don’t know— as he says, Lieutenant Colonel. I understand somebody had the misfortune of calling him mister and he corrected him. I never saw the man, I understand now he wears his uniform when he goes in, no, I don’t know Vindman at all. What I do know, is that even he said the transcript is correct.”

Will Chamberlain, editor-in-chief of Human Events, tweeted about how he would have questioned Alexander Vindman about the relevance of his role in setting US policy on Ukraine.

I can construct a line of questioning easily “Mr. Vindman; you described your job as “coordinating US policy on Ukraine, correct?” “Earlier, you described your rank, Lt. Col., as fairly, low, correct?” “Because, in fact, you are fairly low on the totem pole in the NSC, yes?”

Vindman is “unaware” of key facts on Ukraine controversy which are known to thousands. Not sure which is worse: US policy being led by scoundrels or US policy being led by ignorant idiots. Vindman is perhaps both.

Nunes: Did you know that financial records show a Ukrainian natural gas company, Burisma, routed more than $ 3 million to American accounts tied to Hunter Biden? Vindman, whose job is to handle Ukraine policy: “I’m not aware of this fact.”

Tim Murtaugh, Trump campaign communications director tweeted:

The concerns Vindman had about the Ukraine call were on policy. He disagreed with the President.

Hate to break it to Adam Schiff & the Democrats but the President of the United States sets policy, not unelected bureaucrats.

And policy disagreements are not impeachable offenses.

Human Events editor-in-chief Will Chamberlain tweeted a thread of how questions should have been asked of Vindman, concluding with

“So, to be clear, you advised the Ukrainian President to turn down a request from a personal envoy of the President of the United States?” “Given your testimony, Lt. Col. Vindman, why should you not be fired on the spot for insubordination.” FIN

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