MUST WATCH – Navy veteran and Republican congressional candidate Joe E. Collins III rolled out a new ad campaign Saturday against his opponent Rep. Maxine Waters highlighting how she lives in a mansion OUTSIDE the district she has represented for years.

Collins, a Navy veteran who grew up in Waters’ south Los Angeles district, also detailed the many ways in which the city has declined in recent years, thanks in large part to policies Waters has supported.

“Do you know where I am right now?” Collins says in a video depicting him walking up to Waters’ house. “Maxine Waters’ $6 million mansion. Do you know where I’m not right now? Maxine Waters’ district. Yep, that’s right. Maxine does not live in her district, but I do.”

“I was born right here in South L.A., in a place Maxine refuses to live,” Collins continues. “Maxine Waters does not drink our water. She does not breathe our air. And while she sits here in her mansion, our district is in ruins.”

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Describing his harrowing upbringing in Waters’ increasingly dilapidated and lawless district, Collins says, “I survived Maxine’s district, graduated high school, went on to join the U.S. Navy. I fought for this country. But while I was fighting for this country, Maxine Waters could not be bothered to fight for her own district here in America.”

“And when I returned from war, I came back to my community as a war zone,” Collins adds.

Collins then goes on to cite sobering statistics regarding the spike in homicides, poverty, homelessness, sex trafficking, and gang-related crime in south Los Angeles.

“Just this year, deadly crime spiked 15% in south L.A., much of it due to gang activity. The homicide rate in south L.A. has shot up by 53%. South L.A. has the highest poverty rate in the city with a crippling 43% of its residents living below the poverty line. Meanwhile, L.A. County has a homeless population of over 40,000 people. Homelessness rates have increased by 264% since 2009.”

“Maxine doesn’t care about our district,” Collins alleges. “She only cares about herself and using our tax dollars to buy mansions. While Maxine fails to lead, riots and violence surge in our streets. While our buildings and businesses burn, Maxine sits safe in her mansion guarded by the same police she demonizes.”

“I was one of the kids left behind by Maxine Waters. I’m gonna fight for safety and dignity for south L.A. […] In the last 44 years, where has Maxine Waters been? Our people deserve better,” Collins concludes.

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