Nancy Pelosi couldn’t be more tone-deaf to the struggles of real Americans who are trying to put food on the table during the coronavirus crisis. She was interviewed by James Cordon about how she’s coping during the time at home. It was a “Let them eat cake” moment not to be forgotten.

While millions of Americans struggle to put food on the table, Pelosi proudly shows off a basket of gourmet chocolates and then expensive gourmet ice cream in her freezer. Note: She has a side-by-side freezer/fridge set up in her kitchen.

The video below really captures just how out of touch Pelosi is to the real hardships of Americans right now:

This is something to remember in November!

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Also, she’s been deleting the video of her visit to Chinatown on 2/24/20 to tell everyone to come to visit. Here it is:

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