On the eve of the 2016 election, Michigan’s do-nothing GOP Chair Ronna Romney-McDaniel had an important phone call to make before making her way to Trump’s final campaign rally of the season in Grand Rapids, MI. It wasn’t a call to a member of the Trump campaign or even a major donor; it was a call to MI grassroots leader Marian Sheridan of the MI Trump Republicans. McDaniel’s call was urgent—she needed Marian Sheridan to find as many volunteers as possible to watch votes being processed at the TCF Center on election day. The truth is that the MI GOP leader had dropped the ball and didn’t have a single Republican poll challenger scheduled to work on election day in Wayne County, a Democrat stronghold and largest ballot-counting facility in Michigan. Marian Sheridan, who worked harder than any other Republican in Michigan to help secure votes for Donald Trump, was also on her way to Trump’s final rally, but she had to cancel her plans, so she could stay back and do the work McDaniel should have done months ago.

RNC Chair Ronna Romney McDaniels (L), who now admits she regrets allowing Rudy Giuliani to talk about voter fraud. Current MI GOP Chair Laura Cox (center) sent out a nasty email attacking the soon-to-be MI GOP Chair Ron Weiser in a last-ditch attempt to save her seat.

Fast-forward to 2020…

Michigan Republicans knew they were fighting an uphill battle with a newly elected radical Democrat Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson, who made the unilateral decision to send unsolicited absentee ballot applications to every registered voter in Michigan. With 7.7 million absentee ballot applications, drop boxes, and mail-in-voting with no ID necessary, Michigan’s November elections were ripe for massive voter fraud.

Outgoing MI GOP Chair Laura Cox.

QUESTION: Knowing that her predecessor was completely unprepared to address potential voter fraud at the TCF Center in 2016, how did Romney-McDaniel’s hand-selected MI GOP Chair Laura Cox prepare for the very real possibility that a deficit in Biden votes could easily be made up at the TCF Center where hundreds of thousands of ballots were being counted?

ANSWER: She relied on the same people her predecessor relied upon—Michigan powerhouse grassroots activists, Meshawn Maddock, and Marian Sheridan of Michigan Trump Republicans. Together, Meshawn Maddock and Marian Sheridan enlisted and trained an army of volunteers to work as GOP poll challengers and to sign up to be hired by the Wayne Co. Board of Elections as election workers at the TCF Center.

I worked as a GOP poll challenger and was stunned at the lack of planning by Laura Cox, who did nothing to ensure GOP poll challengers were protected from threats by Democrats and outside agitators. I was equally stunned by the chaos I found inside the room. Volunteers were forced to step up and assume leadership roles, as Cox left us with the daunting task of covering almost 150 counting tables with no organized plan for volunteers to address irregularities or outright fraud that we witnessed. The reason so many GOP poll challengers testified in front of the MI Senate Oversight Committee is because we were frustrated by the Democrat’s ability to run us over at the TCF Center with no one to turn to…no leadership whatsoever. That critical failure in leadership and organization at the TCF Center falls directly on Laura Cox.

When former Ambassador Ron Weiser, who’s been heavily involved in the MI GOP for decades, asked the very popular, outspoken Meshawn Maddock if she would consider running as the GOP Party vice-chair with him, it was a no-brainer for the woman who’s been trying to shake up the old ways of the Republican Party for years.

Former US Ambassador Ron Weiser

Maddock knew that having a role at the top of the party would allow her to make some much-needed changes in the party. The engaging grassroots leader, whose philosophy includes replacing establishment Republicans with true conservatives who aren’t afraid to fight back against the Left, hasn’t always been popular with the old guard, like Laura Cox and her husband Mike Cox, who’ve spent years as elected officials in the Republican Party but offered nothing in terms of results. For the Cox’s, it’s less about results or shaking up the Republican Party that’s been broken for decades and more about remaining relevant in social circles.

MI GOP Vice-Chair candidate, and National Women for Trump Advisory Board member, Meshawn Maddock

When it was announced that Maddock agreed to run with Weiser, local Detroit media worked overtime to smear her and her conservative, badass husband, MI State Rep. Matt Maddock, who, like his wife Meshawn, agreed to run for public office to give conservatives a true voice in Congress.

Instead of supporting the dynamic duo set to take the helm at the MI GOP, former MI AG Mike Cox, husband of the soon-to-be-former MI GOP Chair Laura Cox, worked behind the scenes to take down Meshawn Maddock. On January 12, Mike Cox retweeted a ridiculous hit piece on the Maddocks with an inflammatory and misleading headline by the far-left Detroit Free Press: “Rep. Matt Maddock, wife join conservative Facebook group discussing possibility of civil war”

In his tweet, Cox called the powerful conservative, grassroots couple “disgusting.” Disgusting?

From the Detroit Free Press article:

State Rep. Matt Maddock, R-Milford, and his wife, Meshawn Maddock, who is poised to become the next co-chair of the Michigan Republican Party, have joined a Facebook group where members have discussed the possibility of a civil war, decried a ban on open carry inside the state Capitol and hope for a “big cleanup” of elected leaders. 

Does former MI Attorney General Mike Cox really believe the Maddocks should be held responsible for comments made by “members” of a Facebook group they belong to?

Someone should tell the out of touch spokesperson for his failed MI GOP Chair wife that the possibility of civil war has been widely discussed and written about in multiple major publications. As a former AG, Cox should also know that MI is an open carry state and that the ban on the inside the MI State Capitol was a highly debated issue on many social media platforms. By criticizing Maddocks for being part of a Facebook group that debated the issue on a public forum, is Cox saying he’s against Facebook user’s First Amendment Right to free speech? And finally, the reason the Maddocks are so much more popular than the do-nothing Cox’s in Michigan is that they’ve been fighting for a “big cleanup” of elected leaders, which makes Cox’s endorsement of this shameful attempt at a hit piece on the Maddocks by the Detroit Free Press even more laughable.


This morning, the unpopular, d0-nothing former MI GOP Chair, Laura Cox, who likely knew she had no chance of being re-elected in a fair and square election, made a last-ditch effort via a nasty email to MI delegates to save her political future.

Cox’s email accuses the uncontested MI GOP Chair candidate Ron Weiser of paying Stanley Grot, a MI Sec. of State candidate, $200,000 to drop out of the race in 2018. Cox claims she’s known about the payment since 2019, leaving many to question why she’s bringing it up now, less than 48 hours before the delegates vote for new leadership on Saturday?

“I, in good conscience, cannot sit quietly while Weiser refuses to address this enormous issue he created,” the outgoing MI GOP Chair wrote. “I am sharing this with you because he cannot and should not be the Republican Party chair.”  Cox asks delegates to vote for her, assuring them it would only be “temporary,” then adds, “if you don’t want backroom deals, then vote for me.” If Cox plans to resign immediately after being elected, why would her so-called integrity matter to the MI delegates?

Cox ends her email with “The choice is clear.” If the choice was so clear, why didn’t Cox run for re-election? Why wait until the 11th hour to pull out an allegation against the soon-to-be-elected Ron Weiser that she’s known about for 3 years?

The answer is simple, this has nothing to do with Ron Weiser and everything to do with the very popular Meshawn Maddock who Cox knew she had no chance of defeating in an honest election.

According to the Detroit News – Grot labeled the allegation “nonsense” and said Thursday he was paid for work he did for the party. Weiser did not immediately respond Thursday morning to a request for comment. But Cox’s message included a 14-page internal report by attorney Jon Lauderbach on the payments to Grot. Cox said she asked Lauderbach, past campaign chairman for Attorney General Bill Schuette, to initiate the report.

In it, Lauderbach said Weiser told him that “nothing wrong” had happened with the payments to Grot. The  attorney also said  they arrived “at no definitive conclusion here; we believe the circumstances merit further investigation.”

“Mr. Weiser expressed a belief that this investigation is politically motivated,” Lauderbach wrote. “He believes that the investigation was commenced to aid Ms. Cox’s campaign for reelection as state party chair, and hence hinder his own campaign for that office.”

Lauderbach added, “Mr. Weiser reiterated his question about the timing of the investigation, asking, “they’ve known about this for two years, why didn’t they do this before?”

Instead of dividing the party to satisfy their own selfish political ambitions, Ron Weiser and Meshawn Maddock have a plan. In full disclosure, I am a Michigan delegate and am disgusted by the tactics of this the Cox’s, a has-been political couple who Republicans in Michigan are gladly replacing with the hard-working, honest, God-fearing Maddock couple, who represent the best interests of Michigan residents.

On Tuesday, I received an email from the soon-to-be MI GOP Chair. Here’s an excerpt from his letter to the MI delegates:

Big Tech and Big Corporations have made a conscious decision to try and erase conservatives and the Republican Party. They are aided by a complicit media that has abandoned any sense of fairness or responsibility to the truth.

Our Governor, Gretchen Whitmer has single-handedly stolen the livelihoods of hundreds of thousands of Michigan small business owners and employees. Her political games have destroyed families, closed restaurants and cost the lives of thousands of our loved ones in nursing homes.

Michigan’s radical leftist Attorney General Dana Nessel is criminally prosecuting her political opponents. This is not fake news – it is ACTUALLY happening. 

And Jocelyn Benson abused her power to give Democrats a political advantage at the polls. 

I along with my incoming Co-Chair Meshawn Maddock are issuing a plea – unite now so we can begin the work of defeating those who are working to undermine and destroy the very values that built our country. 

I know many of you are angry. I know many of you are fearful for the futures of your kids and grandkids. You have every reason to be. 

But what liberals have always underestimated is our steadfast commitment to life, liberty and justice and our willingness to defend those values. Politicians come and go, elected leaders win and lose, but our principles endure.


We must renew our commitment to responsive government, religious freedom, a strong middle class, protecting life, strong families and preserving the God-given rights of every citizen. 

Over the next two years, the Michigan Republican Party will create a blueprint for State Parties across the nation.

We will organize and train the strongest and best equipped grassroots organization the state has ever seen. We will empower our field teams with the resources they need to change hearts and minds. And we will turn those people out to vote. 

We will communicate our values to every voter, in every county, in every precinct. For far too long we have allowed liberals in the media, in government, and on college campuses to define who we are and what we believe. No longer. We will control our message and use every medium available to rally voters behind our values and our candidates. And we will hold Democrats responsible for their lies, name-calling and misinformation.

We will fight for election security. Our government has the utmost responsibility to ensure free and fair elections and to protect the vote of every legal citizen.

The workload in front of us is immense. We cannot meet the challenges we are facing as a divided Party. We must come together and defend our beliefs and our way of life by winning at the polls. I’m asking you to join us in that effort. 

I look forward to serving as your Chairman the next two years and celebrating the restoration of conservative values on Election night in 2022. 

I can’t speak for every Michigan delegate, but I can tell you that the delegates I know are sick and tired of MI Republican leaders who are only interested in their next political move, and that’s why I reject these dirty tactics by the dirty husband and wife team, Mike and Laura Cox, who, like the Democrats in November, knew she could never defeat Meshawn Maddock in a fair election, so she’s resorted to a dirty last-minute tactic in hopes of stealing power from a very worthy team.

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