Democrats are turning Red states Blue. Does the GOP have a plan or the will to stop it from happening before it’s too late?

In an interview with PBS’s Margaret Hoover, moderate Republican Rep. Will Hurd (TX) warned his party that they need to start making some changes, or reliably red states like Texas (Hurd calls Texas a “purple state” in his interview), are going to turn blue.

The host of PBS’s “Firing Line,” Margaret Hoover, asked Rep. Will Hurd a new “Texodus” term, referring to the decision by him and five other Texas House Republicans to leave the United States Congress. It’s a fairly well-held belief, that once elected, members of Congress rarely leave D.C., unless they lose an election or are faced with a personal or family crisis.

Hurd responded to the PBS host’s question, “Every member has their own, you know, reason for why they’re leaving. Mine is simple. I think I can help my country in different ways. I don’t think, just because we don’t have term limits doesn’t mean we can’t walk away from these jobs. I’ve always said to do this job well, you know, you have a shelf life of six, seven, eight years.”

Hurd continued to explain his decision to Margaret Hoover, “Some of my other colleagues have been in Congress for several decades, and they’re looking forward to spending more time with their grandkids. So I think this notion of ‘Texodus’ and whether Texas is in play, I think these are two separate issues.” Next, Hurd issued a serious warning to his fellow Republicans about the red state of Texas, “I also believe Texas is in play.” He added, “Texas is a purple state. Just because we don’t have a statewide elected Democrat doesn’t mean it’s not in play in 2020.”

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“Um, I think Democrats have the real shot of taking over a majority in the statehouse in Texas, which means they’re going to be responsible for redistricting in 2021. So the trends that we saw happen in California, then the northeast and recently in Virginia— all of those trends are in place in Texas,” the Republican U.S. Rep. warned.

Hoover interrupted him, saying, “You have said in a quote in The Washington Post that if the Republican Party in Texas doesn’t start looking like Texas, that there won’t be a Republican Party in Texas anymore.”

“And I think that applies to the rest of the country, and I would add, if the Republican Party doesn’t start looking like America and start appealing to all Americans, there won’t be Republican Party in America,” Hurd replied, adding, “I want to make sure we have a party that’s appealing to communities of color, people under the age of 29, [and] women with a college degree in the suburbs. Those are the three groups where the Republican brand is terrible and those are the three largest growing groups of voters.”

It’s curious that Rep. Hurd completely ignored the number of illegal aliens who have radically changed the makeup of people living in Texas and other border states. Are Republicans ignoring people of color and women, or are they ignoring the strategic planting of illegal aliens and refugees in red states and cities across America, like in Rep. Ilhan Omar’s district in MN for example, where the majority of residents are Somali immigrants who vote almost exclusively for Democrats?

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