A Washington Post “conservative” opinion writer and MSNBC contributor Jennifer Rubin tweeted out the most disgusting thing about how Joe Biden can win the presidency. Vile comments aren’t unusual for Rubin, who detests President Trump and never hides it. She claims to be a “conservative”? How’s that? The outrage on Twitter against Rubin’s comment was huge with most telling her she’s crossed the line:

“You have crossed over from blind partisan hack to dangerously unhinged. This is embarrassing.”

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Of course, Rubin has freedom of speech, but she is supposed to be a journalist with integrity. Instead, she tweeted out this vile comment with an article from the Washinton Post about the death toll from the coronavirus.

Her tweets are all disgusting and dripping with hate for the president:

“He is willing to egg on millions to die.”

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“Better: Trump indifferent to thousands more deaths.”

“the most corrupt president with the most mediocre, sycophantic administration. Ever.”

Ironically, Rubin has this quote on her Twitter bio: “If right doesn’t matter, we are lost.”

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