The Joe Biden clown show just ‘accidentally’ exposed the identities of CIA agents during a video conference with VP Harris. Outrage on social media ensued with intel officials like Richard Grenell asking, “who took this picture outing Intel officials?”

The White House shared this image of Joe Biden meeting via video conference with Kamala Harris and other national security officials to discuss the ongoing crisis in Afghanistan. Conservatives noticed that the White House may have outed CIA operatives in the boxes labeled CIA and Doha Station.

Comments on Twitter:

-In addition to the Afghanistan disaster Biden has now blown the CIA’s cover in Qatar.

-Heck of a job, White House communications shop. I figure you would want to crop out the teleconference screens labeled “CIA” and “Doha Station.” You panicking amateur idiots.

-Ummm…is the public supposed to see the faces of the CIA agents? Are we supposed to know there is a “Doha Station”??

Calls for the person who tweeted this to be fired…

The close up:

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