LaDawn Blackett Jones is the city solicitor of South Fulton municipal court. She decided to reduce $50 off of citations if the lawbreakers registered to vote. Jones tweeted about it raising a stink from those who believe it is illegal to do what Jones did. The local news asked an election lawyer if this is illegal and he confirmed it is illegal (see below). A judge then weighed in to say it is not illegal but this judge just so happens to be very connected to Jones (see below). The question remains…Is it illegal to pay people to register to vote?

The tweet from Jones is still up! Responses to the tweet call out Jones for paying people to register to vote.

 “unusual voter registration drive”…

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LaDawn Jones of South Fulton municipal court offered reduced fines if people registered to vote or had already registered to vote. But, senior I-Team reporter Dale Russell says one election lawyer says the courtroom offer violates state and federal election laws. One election lawyer told us the courtroom offer to reduce a fine in exchange for voter registration violates State and federal law.

“You can’t offer something of value in exchange for registering to vote,” says election attorney Bryan Tyson.

Tyson says election laws can be confusing. The question now is what will happen next.

“Under state and federal law, it is a felony. The reality is a prosecutor would have to look at the case and decide if they want to bring the case,” says Tyson.


 There were 110 people on Judge Tiffany Seller’s calendar. Approximately 90 percent took the $50 off their fine to register or showed they had already registered.

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Judge Tiffany Sellers wrote to say she did not believe Ms. Jones violated any laws….The judge is in the photo below with Ms. Jones – We want to know if the judge is correct or is the election lawyer?

More on Tiffany Sellers, LaDawn Jones and their “progressive” city of South Fulton:

This new city is a “for us, by us” city…

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