The double standard here is unbelievable! We just reported on a high school student in big trouble for saying “Build the Wall” in her yearbook quote. That’s pretty harmless but the school took back the yearbooks….

Fast forward and a high school student wrote out their thoughts on President Trump in the yearbook…

“I would like to behead him. I do not like him.”

See the huge difference here?

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – Just under a month after a Big Lake trap team’s photo was banned from the high school yearbook, another high school yearbook photo is making news.

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For its 2017 yearbook, Brainerd High School dedicated a page to President Donald Trump. Editors asked students their thoughts on the president, and shared the quotes next to their picture.

One sophomore said, “I would like to behead him. I do not like him.”

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The photo went viral, sparking controversy on Twitter. Now, that student is telling her side of the story.

“I was so confused, because at first, I didn’t ever remember saying that,” 15-year-old Camryn said.

Camryn — who asked WCCO not to reveal her last name — says she had no idea a conversation with a classmate last September would lead to nationwide attention. She says the classmate never said she was working for the yearbook when she asked about then-candidate Donald Trump.

“I did not say, ‘I want to behead him.’ I did not say, ‘I am going to behead him.’ I just said, ‘Well I’m sure we all wouldn’t mind him being beheaded,’ — something along those lines,” Camryn said. “But there was never the direct quote, ‘I do not like him. I would like to behead him.”

That conversation exploded on social media 8 months later, with the help of at least one celebrity. Former “Joanie Loves Chachi” actor Scott Baio shared the photo, tagging the president, the FBI, Sean Hannity and Kellyanne Conway.

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