MSNBC is supposed to stay in the left lane and ignore any bad news about Joe Biden, but they didn’t.

In a rare moment of unbiased reporting, MSNBC anchor Chris Hayes discussed the assault allegations against Biden. The report by left-leaning MSNBC was shocking to everyone on both sides of the aisle.

Now, Chris Hayes is considered a traitor to the left, so there are calls for his job. #FireChrisHyes is trending on Twitter.

The report from Hayes is below:

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Hayes had Writer-at-Large for NY Magazine Rebecca Traister on to speak about the Biden allegations:

Joe Biden is reportedly speaking out tomorrow on the allegations of sexual assault. The presumption of innocence has been given to Biden when it wasn’t to Brett Kavanaugh.

Nancy Pelosi was asked about the double standard today and replied with a snarky answer:

A reporter asked Pelosi about her hypocritical response (see below) about the Biden allegations of sexual misconduct. She snapped back at the reporter:

“I don’t need a lecture.”

The comment the reporter was referring to is below:

The problem with Pelosi’s praise of Biden is that Brett Kavanaugh was declared guilty by Democrats from the beginning of accusations against him:

Do we have a different set of standards for Democrats and Republicans? It sure looks like it!

The #MeToo movement by the left is a joke.


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