At first glance you think it’s one big guy who’s harassing a woman but when you read further it’s a group of Muslim men who are totally harassing women. We’ve come to know these types of groups who roam around harassing the kafir or non-believer. It’s ok for the Muslim men to abuse sexually or otherwise if the woman is not a Muslim. The thing is that this woman is a Muslim! Take notes women of America!

A Muslim bodyguard called a woman a ‘prostitute’ and threatened to ‘blow her up’ because she was wearing skinny jeans, a court heard.


Krissoni Henderson, 31, told Noor Alneaimi she was ‘Satan’ and called her a ‘slut’ before ordering her to take off her jeans while she was listening to a Christian preacher in Birmingham city centre on July 4, prosecutors claim.
The victim, who was also a Muslim, said she was reduced to tears following the ten-minute tirade which attracted a crowd of 60 people and one man asked her: ‘How much do you charge for the night?’
Henderson and several others allegedly hurled pro-ISIS abuse at Ms Alneaimi, 38, which left her ‘absolutely petrified’.
Police arrived in New Street at around 5.30pm and questioned Henderson but he was allowed to walk free from the scene.
The bodyguard, who is currently unemployed, was arrested at his home in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter the following day and charged with causing intentional harassment, alarm or distress and using racially aggravated insulting words or behaviour.
Henderson, of Brook Street, went on trial at Birmingham Magistrates’ Court today and appeared in the dock wearing a skin-tight baby blue sweatshirt, brown trousers and a dark blue waistcoat.

During the hearing he paced around the dock and shook his head and at one point he turned his back on proceedings to pray.
Prosecutor Simon Brownsey told the court: ‘It’s the Crown’s case that at the hands of Mr Henderson this woman was the victim of religious and offensive words, including calling her a kafir – a derogatory term for a non-believer.
‘He also said he would follow her home and blow her up. At the time he wasn’t known to her and she has expressed concerns about seeing him again because of the threat.
‘She was listening to a Christian preacher on New Street and the defendant was also present. He targeted Noor Alneaimi by observing she was wearing tight jeans and told her to take them off.

‘He told her she was Satan, she was the devil, she was a slut, she was a prostitute. He said: “Take off your tight jeans or you’re going to burn in hell, kafir. I’m going to follow you home and blow up your house.”
Henderson accepts he was there but argues he didn’t use these words or engage in this behavior, Mr Brownsey added.

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‘He started calling females on the street prostitutes, predominantly white women, calling them sluts. One woman started crying and ran off.
‘Then he started hurling abuse at me. He said: “Look at your tight jeans. You are a kafir’. I was dressed in Western clothes so I don’t think he thought I was a Muslim.”
‘He kept saying: ‘Satan, Satan, Satan’ and it started drawing attention.
‘I moved away because I was becoming frightened. But something inside me said: “No, I’m going to go and confront him.”
‘I said to him: ‘Excuse me, why would you say those horrible things to me?’
‘A female with him lunged at me but he said: “Leave it, leave it” and started raising his voice even louder.
‘I stuck my middle finger up at him and told him I was going to report him to the authorities. He said: “They can’t do nothing. I will come to your house and blow up you and blow up your house”‘.
‘I started shaking. I had just had double eye surgery. A group of men started sniggering and one of them said ‘oi oi, darling’ and asked how much I charged for the night. I started to cry because my image had been tarnished.’
‘Then he started shouting: ‘Long live Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi’ – the leader of ISIS. Then a group of seven men in black robes with beards came over to me openly told me they supported Anjem Choudary and ISIS. They said: ‘What are you going to do about it?’

The trial continues…the prosecutors are going for the maximum punishment!

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Via: Daily Mail

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