Michael Steele has really stepped in it with his latest comments to a panel on MSNBC. Remember that Steele was the GOP Chair!

The group was discussing the arrest by the FBI of a “white nationalist” who had plans to kill leftist media and others he considered liberal.

Notice how Steele conflates white supremacy with American nationalism, which has ZERO to do with race.

Steele came out and blatantly said he’s not going to sugarcoat it, but he believes that President Trump wasn’t happy with the arrest of someone who is also a white nationalist.

This is an outrageously false statement by Steele, but the others on-air with him didn’t denounce his comment.

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Michael Steele says Trump probably wasn’t happy the FBI stopped a white nationalist from killing liberals & media people.

The MSNBC host Nicolle Wallace says “Is that where we are?” and Steele replies in agreement “That’s where we are.”

MSNBC host shocks with this last comment:  “That’s a brave thing to say.”

Brave? What Steele said is outrageous and untrue.

So now they read minds on MSNBC? Steele should answer for his comments and hopefully will get pushback.

This is nothing but Deep State Hate.

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