Can you imagine if the tables were turned? Where are the citizens of Lansing and why aren’t they opposing this Ramadan dinner scheduled months after the end of Ramadan and on a very solemn day for Americans?


Last year these two celebrated sharia, with taxpayer money, days before 9/11.
This year, the emboldened Muslims orchestrating this effort have convinced these mayors that celebrating Ramadan – which ended in mid-July according to a U.S. sharia council – on the anniversary of the Muslim terror attacks that killed nearly 3,000 Americans would be a grand idea. Where are the citizens of Lansing?

This seems so unbelievable but it’s right on the website of The Islamic Society of Greater Lansing so there really is no refuting this event unless they come to their senses and change or cancel it.

Please contact them using the form at:
or Ph: 517-483-4141
Mayor of East Lansing, Michigan (@CityofEL)

They’re even using taxpayer dollars for a contest:

contestVia: Creeping Sharia

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