JFK airport employees are bypassing security as are most airport employees across America. This is HUGE! These gaps need to be closed ASAP with all bags and employees going through the same screening process as passengers. Airport employees have been arrested in the past for different things, but what about a potential terrorist who sneaks in a bomb? Just a year ago three men that worked at the Minnesota airport had joined ISIS:

“Three men recruited from Minnesota to fight for either ISIS or al-Shabaab all once held jobs at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport, and each held security clearances that gave them access to parts of the airport a traveler will never see. When exactly these men were radicalized is unclear.”

Airports across the country are reportedly taking extra security precautions after President Obama said Wednesday the government is taking ‘every possible step’ to keep the country safe from terrorism.
However, an NBC News’ investigation found a number of airport employees not undergoing extensive security checks like those that passengers have to undertake.
Employees at New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport, which is used by more than 50 million people each year, were captured on camera ‘simply swiping their electronic key cars to get into the facility this week,’ NBC News reported.
Instead of going through metal detectors like passengers, airline crew and airport employees were reportedly caught on video not undergoing bag checks, identification checks or getting scanned for explosive materials.

In the past, airport employees have been apprehended for assisting in drug or weapon smuggling.

McClain told NBC News that a terrorist could exploit a corrupt worker to get them to unwittingly load a bomb on to a passenger plane.
Kevin Brown, vice president of SEIU 32BJ, the union that represents many of the employees at JFK, explained to NBC News that most of them are subjected to regular Transportation Security Administration security checks since they work inside the terminal.
‘Safety and security is a huge issue for us,’ Brown stated to NBC News.

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Three years ago, McClain urged for mandatory daily screenings for all airport employees, including TSA (Transportation Security Administration) officers, in a letter he wrote to TSA.
In April, Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson said he issued a directive calling for more security for workers.

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