The NFL was able to take a stand when it comes to the Cowboys attempt to honoring slain police officers in their hometown, but when an NFL player posts an ISIS type execution of a police officer on social media, they can’t seem to find their voice to express their disapproval…

Tom Fox photo credit Instagram photo
Tom Fox photo credit Instagram photo

The NFL has denied the Dallas Cowboys’ request to wear the “Arm-in-Arm” decal on their helmets for Saturday’s preseason opener against the Los Angeles Rams.

The Cowboys had unveiled the decal at an emotional start to their first padded practice of training camp, when they walked arm-in-arm on the field with Dallas police officials, including police chief David Brown, Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings and the families of the police officers slain in the line of duty last month.

The Cowboys, who wear the decal on their helmets during training camp, knew they would not be able to wear the decal for the regular season but had hoped to wear it in the preseason.

“We certainly understand the position the league takes on this, but it won’t diminish our support for that concept of unity and supporting our police force and what they do to make our lives better on a daily basis,” coach Jason Garrett said. “That arm-in-arm image is something that we really believe in. You heard me talk about it a couple weeks back. What we’re trying to do as a football team is build a team that’s close. We talk a lot about unity and having each other’s backs, and certainly they embody that.”

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Not surprisingly, outspoken conservative Tomi Lehren has a thing or two to say on this controversial subject:

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