President Donald Trump was caught on video doing something amazing, but it appears as though the mainstream media didn’t cover this. It was just a simple act of kindness when President Trump stopped his motorcade to thank firemen for their service and it was all caught on video. However, the video had only seemed to be present on some independent news outlets. While this is the real Donald Trump that many of his supporters already know about, it’s also the type of good-hearted gesture that the mainstream media might find themselves ignoring because it doesn’t paint the evil picture they want to portray.

The funny thing about this is that it occurred back in May of 2018, but many people are just now seeing the video as it’s finally being circulated around independently owned websites. So what’s the big deal? It’s just the President of the United States shaking hands with the hardworking common man. It’s just the president spending time with the people – he doesn’t even know if they voted for him, but he’s still shaking hands with the citizens and people who work hard on a daily basis. The firemen may not even be supporters of Trump, but there he is supporting them and thanking them for their service. That speaks volumes out of what Trump does and thinks of the first responders.

The problem is that this story might have been too positive for people to share. People who oppose Trump might be more inclined to post stories that spin things into more negative tones.

Nevertheless, they persisted, right? The video below shows Trump doing what any good president would do. It happened because Donald Trump needed some fireman to standby in the event that marine 1 or any of his aircraft experienced a crash or fire, as stated by the video description on Viral Hog’s YouTube page:

“Bethpage Fire Department was asked to provide a crew in case marine 1 or any of the other aircraft that is with President Trump crashed or caught fire while landing and taking off from Bethpage while he was in town for a press conference about MS13 gang violence with congressmen Peter King and family members of victims of the gang.”

This is the video which shows the viral event take place, however, it only seems to have gone viral on smaller websites with some of the big pages appearing to ignore what happened. When I search for this video on Google, then I only received results from much smaller websites. It appears that none of the larger mainstream sites had the content appear on the first page or two. Did they run a story on Trump thanking the firemen, or did the mainstream media outlets ignore this?

Here are the search results I was given today on Google. I searched “Trump stops motorcade” – a broad term that would likely bring up anytime Trump stopped his motorcade, but the results were relevant to the fireman. Regardless, take a look at the results for yourself in the screenshots below – and you can also search the same phrase on your own and provide us with a copy of your results.

That’s quite strange, right? Why aren’t the big mainstream websites showing up first? It makes you wonder if they even showed this video. They might have posted a story about it, but if they did, then I’d like to see it showing up in the search results. Maybe it was back on page three, four, five – but does anyone really go beyond the first page or two of search results? I don’t look beyond page two because usually, the most relevant and trusted sources show up on the first two pages.

I’d like you to look up this story on Google. Type in “Trump stops motorcade” and then take a screenshot of your results.

Post your search results in the comments.


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