Remember when Dinesh D’souza warned America that Joe Biden’s former boss, Barack Obama was intentionally trying to weaken our military?

On January 8, 2017, only days after vacating the White House, The Military Times reported –  More than half of the troops surveyed in the latest Military Times/Institute for Veterans and Military Families poll said they have an unfavorable opinion of Obama and his two-terms leading the military. About 36 percent said they approve of his job as commander in chief.

Their complaints include the president’s decision to decrease military personnel (71 percent think it should be higher), his moves to withdraw combat troops from Iraq (59 percent say it made America less safe), and his lack of focus on the biggest dangers facing America (64 percent say China represents a significant threat to the U.S.)

His moves to slim down the armed forces, move away from traditional military might, and overhaul social policies prohibiting the service of minority groups have proven divisive in the ranks. His critics have accused him of trading a strong security posture for political points, and for allowing the rise of terrorists like the Islamic State group whom the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan were supposed to silence.

The Washington Examiner recenlty wrote about Joe Biden and his failure as commander in chief.

Joe Biden checking his watch while caskets of 13 murdered US military members are being taken off the planes from Afghanistan.

Afghanistan has fallen to the Taliban again. We’re going to see ripple effects from this fiasco for years to come. A former CIA operative Bryan Dean Wright had a chilling but insightful thread about the ramifications of this botched exit. Our enemies will be emboldened. The black market will be awash with new weapons. Russia and China will flex their muscles. Terror groups will do the same. Why not? America has been defeated in Afghanistan. Our military and intelligence resources are being grossly misused—and they’re inaccurate. If not, then our leaders, who are equally feckless, aren’t listening. He described us as a rudderless and divided nation which presents opportunities to our enemies to make moves. So, when you hear about how the military is going ‘woke,’ it only reinforces the notion that we’re going to get our clocks cleaned in some future war if this critical race theory nonsense continues to fester.

The Air Force Academy is the latest institution to become infected with this far-left crap.

The Air Force Academy requires its incoming cadets to watch a diversity and inclusion video supportive of attending a Black Lives Matter chapter meeting.

Critics argue this proves military academies have implemented critical race theory as part of their curriculum.

And now, it’s being reported that our tyrannical government is about to force over 12,000 active-duty Air Force personnel out of the US military for failing to comply with their COVID jab mandate.

Over 12,000??? Could this culling of the military over their refusal to take a COVID jab be a continuation of the Obama-Biden plan to weaken our military?

Epoch Times – Over 12,000 active-duty Air Force personnel are poised not to meet an upcoming deadline to be fully vaccinated against the virus that causes COVID-19, according to newly released data from the military branch.


In a new update on compliance with the Air Force’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate, officials said 3.8 percent of the force remains unvaccinated as of Oct. 18.

That amounts to approximately 12,100 active-duty personnel, down from 13,055 the week prior, according to an Epoch Times analysis of Air Force data.

Fully vaccinated means an airman must get the second dose of the Pfizer or Moderna jab, or the single-shot Johnson & Johnson vaccine, no later than two weeks before the Nov. 2 mandate deadline.

The mandate details were announced by Air Force Secretary Frank Kendall on Sept. 3 under the direction of Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin.

Since then, the vast majority of the force has gotten at least one shot of a vaccine.

Space Force personnel are counted with reserve troops. Approximately 92.8 percent of reserves and Space Force personnel have gotten at least one shot as of Oct. 18.

The Air Force has declined to say whether any exemptions have yet been granted, though a spokeswoman told The Epoch Times via email that they do have the option to apply.

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